Kickstart your Community with Junkyard Golf


Junkyard Golf at Southwest Airlines


The Benefits:

"Looks like we have an activity that is a keeper for future Camp Cultures. Thank you again for the Guide and most of all for a great idea for a Team Builder, fun event. This fit perfectly with the environment and goal for the morning's activity."

Cheryl, Director, Leadership Training, Southwest Airlines


The huge benefit that everyone can take a full part and have a first-hand direct experience of working in a team that is improvising, sharing the lead, being creative, having fun etc. ..The key difference is that... people really take part - it is not a mime but a real performance. Direct experience provides a convincing demonstration of what is possible and makes change (especially change in a similar direction) much easier to accomplish.

Roger Greenaway


"Anyway, they loved it! It was a great way to get people up and talking and working together first thing in the morning. I think it would also be an awesome session right after lunch at any conference. It was very easy to implement. Golf was also a great game for a large ballroom--it worked well for the space we had."

Rebecca Saeger
President, 2004
North American Simulation and Game Association