Junkyard Sports: The Book

Educators, recreation and youth leaders, parent and community organizations: contact Bernie to arrange a presentation, demonstration or workshop.Junkyard Sports featured in Family Fun magazine

Dr. Philip Ella Juico reviews Junkyard Sports in the Philipine Star

Playing Junkyard Sports” from the ” Daily Hampshire Gazette

“The joy of learning has been driven underground and with it much of the pleasure of teaching. … Junkyard Sports bring(s) them to the surface again.”

Herb Kohl

“Bernie DeKoven continues to provide mankind with ideas to have fun. He is a master at stimulating the creativity and imagination in all of us. This inventive, clever, and brilliant contribution is his latest to making our lives more fun. It’s a must read for every recreation leader and parent!”

Jonathan Korfhage, Superintendent of Parks & Recreation in Foster City, California and a past president of the National Recreation & Park Association

This book is inspirational and is a must read for anyone who facilitates games or sports on a regular basis.

Play Today, Issue 45, Nov/Dec 2004

  • More than 75 demonstration games are included.
  • Endless variations of six major team sports can be played by almost anyone, anywhere, with just about anything.
  • Games are easy to implement and use low-cost or no-cost “found” materials for equipment.
  • Games build physical, social, and mental skills, including endurance, teamwork, and sensitivity to others.


Sample chapters (pdf):

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